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My name is Sonny Morin and I am very excited and glad to be back in central Texas.  I have over thirty years of teaching experience.  I will be teaching Spanish 1, Spanish 2, and Spanish 2 Pre-AP.  I have taught all levels of Spanish and coached football, baseball and softball at other schools.  I love what I teach and I'm pleased to join the team with our World Language Department and LHS.  I enjoy reading, traveling, scuba diving, underwater videography, and spending time with my family, especially my grand daughters.
I will be at the High School for periods 1,2,and 3, and at the ML Cisnernos Freshmen Center for periods 5,6,7,and 8.  My conference is fourth period at the High School and my tutorial period will be at 1:00 pm at the Freshmen Center.