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Message to Parents

     Hello, I am Matt Buehner. Lockhart is my hometown and I am a proud graduate of Lockhart High School (Class of 2001).  I was a member of the cross country and track & field teams throughout high school and consider my experiences and success in Lockhart’s schools to be a foundational component to my career in education.  I enjoy traveling, consider myself a lifelong learner, and relax by listening to instrumental music, reading, writing, or figuring out how to take my new cell phone apart and successfully put it back together.  I am currently teaching STEM courses at the Lockhart ML Cisneros Freshman Campus in Lockhart, TX.

     STEM is the acronym for the pathway of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.  One of the courses that I teach is Concepts of Engineering which is the first course in the STEM Pathway which prepares our high school students who are interested in pursuing continued education and a career path in a similar field.  We know that science and technology is ever evolving, increasing in complexity, and that the skills developed in engineering and mathematics are key to ensuring that our students are prepared to positively impact our future.  Our job is to prepare students for a future where there is a high demand for innovation in technology and science. 

     Before I was a high school STEM teacher, I taught middle school math for many years. I required my students to communicate their ideas and apply mathematics to authentic real world problem solving.  We all know and can agree that real world problem solving is messy and non-routine and requires a lot more than following some well-practiced steps to an answer.  I believe problem solving, communication, safety, and investigation are critically important skills.  The learning activities in my classroom are dependent upon students who have developed a strong understanding of safety, scientific investigation, and application of mathematics in the real world.  In my classroom, students continue to develop these skills.  My assignments require students to communicate their ideas and develop as critical thinkers who ask questions and investigate their world with the intention of improving it.
     As a classroom teacher who works daily with students from a wide range of backgrounds, I look forward to working with your child and developing skills that will take them into our future; their future.




Matt Buehner

Conference Time: 2:42 - 3:27
Matt Buehner
STEM Teacher
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